to „Church in Mentoring – Women on their way up“.

In order to increase the proportion of women in leadership positions in the Catholic Church in Germany, the Hildegardis-Verein e. V. developed the ‘Church in Mentoring - Women on their way up’ programme back in 2015 in cooperation with the German Bishops' Conference.

Since 2016, one or two groups have taken part in the mentoring programme every year. The programme is aimed at female junior staff, works across dioceses, is strength-oriented and involves female and male managers at mentor level.

In September 2024, 210 mentees will have successfully completed the mentoring programme; 32 further tandems will start in the coming months. The great response to the programme, which is also supported by the Bonifatiuswerk of German Catholics, is evinced by the fact that 20 dioceses, six aid organisations, eight Caritas associations and, for the first time in 2024, the Central Committee of German Catholics have sent tandems by now.


The program is carried out by the Hildegardis-Verein e.V., a nonprofit association: