Group events

The mentees from one project group meet at three central group seminars during the mentoring year, i.e. kick-off, mid-term, and send-off. The mentors are free to decide whether they want to take part in the mid—term event which is primarily focused on mentee coaching and training.

The kick-off meeting allows all participants to get acquainted, formulate their expectations and goals and clarify the individual roles. Mentees and mentors take part in both joint and separate workshops, world cafes and other activities. The kick-off event is also meant to create publicity for the project.

The mid-term offers mentees the opportunity to reflect on their progress and network with their peers. They also take part in trainings, supervision, and workshops on leadership skills.

The send-off seminar focuses on the joint evaluation of what has occurred during the past twelve months: the tandems reflect on what they have experienced and learned both professionally and personally in the course of their mentoring relationship. The programme participants compose recommendations for the further development of strategies for the advancement of women in the Catholic Church. Selected programme elements will be open to external guests and media representatives.

All seminars are resource-oriented and offer time and space for such things as one-to-one networking and peer consulting.
The mentees receive a certificate of attendance and a description of the qualification schemes they have participated in during the mentoring year.