What does the project consist of?

In the course of the mentoring programmes, each mentee will be responsible for a project of their own choice, design and execution. This can be a presentation, brochure, film, event or other activity which may either be part of their work in the diocese or an independent project. The mentee and her mentor can determine the extent of the project.

Project goal and purpose

  • The involvement with a specific topic/project gives the mentoring programme a practical orientation;
  • The mutual feedback in the tandem will strengthen the mentee’s self-confidence, her ability to recieve and give criticism as well as her teamworking skills;
  • The mentee can also exchange her experiences during the design and implementation of the project with other mentees and participate in the joint development of (alternative) actions and solutions develop;
  • The mentee will have a tangible result at the end of the project which she can present at the send-off seminar and in the diocese and includein her CV.

Key parameters

  • The project will be completed by the end of the mentoring year;
  • The project will be presented  to all participants at the kick-off seminar;
  • The project is intended as a challenge for but not as an excessive demand on the mentee.