German Bishops' Conference

The German Bishops' Conference (DBK) assembles the Catholic Bishops of all German dioceses. It currently consists of 67 members (as off: October 2015) from 27 (arch-)dioceses. Members include diocesan bishops, coadjutors, diocesan administrators and auxiliary bishops.

The DBK was established to promote common pastoral tasks, mutual consultation, interdiocesan coordination of church activities, joint decision-making as well as to cultivate relations with other Bishops' Conferences.

At the closing of the  February 2013 symposium "The collaboration of women and men in the service and life of the church" the German Bishops' Conference officially has vowed to "increase [ist] efforts to find opportunities to further increase the number of women in executive positions". A survey had revealed that the number of women in such positions in the various ordinariates and general vicariates might have grown in recent years but was still low at 19%. This, the bishops opined, "was not enough".

As one important step towards this goal, the German Bishops' Conference supports the implementation of the mentoring program KIM.

For more information visit the website of the German Bishops' Conference.