Hildegardis Association

The Hildegardis Association specializes in the advancement of women and has its roots in the Catholic Church. The oldest association to promote female academic studies, it has more than a century of experience in providing individualized financial and other support to young female university students.

For several years, the Hildegardis Association has also successfully conducted innovative mentoring programmes for women, among them the 2008-to-2013 „Nationwide Mentoring Project for Female Students with Disabilities or Chronic Illnesses“ for which it received a number of awards.

The Hildegardis Association focuses on connecting women through an active network of representatives from academia, science, the church, politics, the private sector, and non-profit organisations. Its members are recruited from all fields of study, professions and generations. As a project management agency, the Hildegardis Association uses both this network and its extensive experience in designing, planning and implementing mentoring projects that are geared to the requirements of the target group.