Bonifatiuswerk of German Catholics

The Bonifatiuswerk of German Catholics helps wherever Catholic Christians live their faith in a minority situation in the diaspora. With its commitment, it calls attention to a challenge that does not blatantly catch your eye: Being alone in your faith, being alone among people who follow a different faith, who do not belong to any religion, or to whom the Christian belief has always been or become strange.

The Bonifatiuswerk has supported projects in the diaspora for 165 years. Today the aid organisation is active by order of the German Bishops’ Conference in Germany, Northern Europe and the Baltic states. Its motto is: „No-one should be alone in their faith.“

The Bonifatiuswerk provides financial support to "Church in Mentoring". This support allows the northern and eastern diaspora dioceses of Hamburg, Berlin, Dresden-Meißen and Magdeburg to participate in the program.

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